Carter Pumps offers a complete range of contracting services that complement our core mechanical and…more


Installation & Commission

Carter Pumps are equipped to install and commission all types of pumps and pumping…more


Pump Repairs

Carter Pumps can undertake full refurbishment and repairs to all types and brands of pumps…more



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Winter Floods (again!)

Carter Pumps has a range of flood mitigation products and services, from simple emergency pump deployment to more permanent attenuation and pumping solutions. As we approach the winter months, yet again householders and businesses find themselves ...more

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis [RO] System RO systems work by using a pump to push inlet water across a semi-permeable membrane. By applying back pressure, the water molecules are forced through the membrane leaving almost all (95% to 99%) of dissolved salts on th...more


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Carter Pumps Ltd are able to supply, install, commission and maintain all types of pumps and pumping equipment including surface mounted pump sets, pressure booster sets, sewage pumping stations, sewage treatment plant, submersible borehole pumps, water treatment and filtration systems.

Clean Water
When it comes to water abstraction, from drilling a borehole to installing and commissioning the borehole pump…More