Winter Floods (again!)

Carter Pumps has a range of flood mitigation products and services, from simple emergency pump deployment to more permanent attenuation and pumping solutions. As we approach the winter months, yet again householders and businesses find themselves facing the prospect of … Continue reading

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis [RO] System RO systems work by using a pump to push inlet water across a semi-permeable membrane. By applying back pressure, the water molecules are forced through the membrane leaving almost all (95% to 99%) of dissolved salts … Continue reading

Anti-Scale Revolution

Got problems with scale? Introducing the ASR Series from Carter Pumps The ASR Series is an anti-scale solution that improves the life expectancy and reliability of valves and pumps within your cold water supply system. Additionally in increases the long term … Continue reading

It’s Just Not Cricket!

Or should we say, it’s not just cricket that interests the members and supporters of Devizes Cricket Club who are looking forward to holding their 3rd Annual Golf Day. The event is taking place at North Wilts Gold Club on Monday … Continue reading

Not Another TLA!

It is frustrating when people use a three letter acronym (or indeed two, four or more) during communications. Here are a few we often use in our line of business often assuming everyone knows what they mean… ATEX – Explosive Atmospheres Directive … Continue reading