Carter Pumps

Pumps, water treatment & filtration solutions for business and homes

Safe, clean water is a paramount requirement for all businesses. Carter Pumps can supply, install and maintain the right pump solution for your needs, from filtration and treatment to storage and water quality testing.

Many of our clients are in highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage where the removal of particulates in process fluids is paramount. We are adept at advising industries requiring specific solutions, including booster sets, rainwater harvesting equipment and telemetry systems.

We have clean water options for all sizes of business; surface filtration, used to remove bacteria, depth filters to remove particles and bag filtration, ideal for high particulate volumes and high flow rates. Sodium hypochlorite dosing, which is a very effective method of disinfecting a private water supply against bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi.

Carter Pumps provide effective filtration and treatment solutions including:

  • Nitrate reduction systems
  • Iron and manganese removal systems
  • Removal of sand/grit from borehole and well water supplies
  • Removal of particulates prior to UV treatment
  • Final filtration of bottled water
  • Cosmetic oil, gel and shampoo filtration.
Engineer changing a commercial water filter

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