Carter Pumps

Pumps, water treatment & filtration solutions for business and homes

To ensure all households, no matter how remote, have access to clean and safe water Carter Pumps supply, install and maintain a wide range of water treatment solutions. From small under-sink filtration, pumps, and sterilisation to storage tanks and testing, we even install water architecture such as fountains.

We recommend the installation of a UV disinfection unit in homes supplied by a private water supply. The units are highly effective against most viruses unlike most chemicals and do not create toxic substances, as do traditional chlorine and newer ozone treatments. Nor does UV alter the taste of drinking water. They are also reliable and economical, offering significant long-term savings over other disinfection methods.

Being an independent small business allows us to fulfil clean water requirements by accessing the whole market, not just one manufacturer, and we can offer:

  • Chemical dosing, which is a very effective method of disinfecting against bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi
  • Surface filtration, used to remove bacteria
  • Depth filters to remove particles
  • Bag filtration, ideal for high particulate volumes and high flow rates
  • Nitrate reduction systems
  • Iron and manganese removal systems.
Engineer opening an inspection cover
Filling a bottle with filtered tap water

Any questions? Please get in touch, we're always happy to discuss your requirements