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Boreholes, are deep narrow wells which tap into naturally occurring underground water sources accessing a private water supply. This involves drilling a hole into the ground, which once drilled is cased accordingly with plain and slotted lining tube. Typically a pump and rising main (a vertical pipe) are then installed to collect the natural water and bring it to the surface. This effectively provides a high-quality source of water direct from the ground below, and with the correct filtration and treatment boreholes provide safe, clean (potable) drinking water.

Water Boreholes can be installed in both rural and urban settings and don’t require much space. For example, domestic boreholes will usually fit on a small driveway and they are typically designed to be 50-70m deep and 110-150mm in diameter. Carter Pumps manage and implement the complete process, including producing geological reports and water analysis. Our expert engineers can swiftly determine how to construct the borehole in the most efficient and cost-effective manner within the existing landscape.

On completion of the borehole tests and assessments will determine whether any filtration or treatment is required, and which is the most suitable pump.

A new borehole pipe on the ground
Two engineers working on vertical borehole pipe

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