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For many UK homes in remote and rural areas a connection to the public sewage system is not possible. Carter Pumps install domestic treatment systems providing homeowners with sewage outfall of a sufficiently high standard for it to be discharged safely.

Our Domestic Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants offer everything required, including installing tanks and constructing suitable drainage. This is a convenient way to treat sewage to an environmentally high standard, allowing it  to be discharged into a watercourse or drainage field.

Another choice is the Domestic Packaged Pumping Station. Available in various pre-fabricated sizes, all assembled and tested before delivery to site, minimising on-site installation time.

The benefits of a packaged solution include:

  • They are a convenient way to treat sewage to a high enough standard that it can be discharged into a watercourse or soak-away
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Models available for above or below ground installation
  • A choice of specification to suit every home, there is no one size fits all
  • They are simple to inspect, service and maintain

All our works include full risk assessments, ensuring it complies with the required health and safety standards.

Two engineers raising sewage pump

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